At the airport

Finally through check-in and security. Hayley is really not a happy camper. The airport is always challenging. While getting something to eat Hayley likes the echo so she is screeching very loudly which shocks everyone around us and of course the staring starts. Then a mini meltdown because she wants Mac and cheese……screeching continues to our gate, I get out the barbies and although the loud vocals continue on and off, hayley is playing nicely. Hunter of course is complaining about Hayley like usual. hunter being his dramatic self puts his chin on his chest and says “why in the world is my life such a nightmare?” I do remind him of all that he has and all that he gets to do. In response to me he says “well maybe not a nightmare, just a bad dream.” 🙂


One response to “At the airport

  1. Haha, Hunter is too much 🙂

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