Why do I hate snow? I really don’t know but I have hated it since I was born. I was the odd kid on the block that NEVER wanted to go out to play or sled in the snow. All the other kids couldn’t wait for a snow day so they could spend hours and hours in the glorious fun filled snow, building forts, having snowball fights and sledding. Oh I would have liked snow days if I could have stayed in the nice warm house possibly reading or watching Gilligan’s Island or perhaps I Love Lucy. But no, I was forced outside with so many clothes on I could barely move. It was always sooo cold and I hated that just as much as I hated the snow. I would get my wooden and metal flexible flyer and trudge down the street to an open area next to a baseball field that had HUGE hills of dirt because of construction of a nursing home that was to be built. Let me tell you it was years before this was actually built, so in turn I had to endure years of torment of snow. Was it fun to sled down the hills? Yes. But the 15 minute walk back up the hill in my mind just wasn’t worth the 2 minute ride down the hill. I never understood the thrill people get sledding, skiing, snowboarding etc. I know I never will. Thankfully I married someone who’s busy season is the whole winter, so in turn could never enjoy any type of winter activities which is just fine by me. So, as a kid after many hours in the snow, my face would be frozen, my nose would be running and my gloves would be wet and stiff with snow. I couldn’t wait until I would be let inside after a number of hours went by that my mother deemed reasonable. Once inside I would peel the heavy wet clothes off to be faced with ice cold red limbs. At least my mother at this point would make me hot chocolate which I did enjoy. When the 4 older kids were little and they wanted to play in the snow, I would get them bundled up and send them and the 3 dogs out to play. I would check on them time to time and even take pictures and videos from the front door, never having to leave the warm comfort of the house. Now with two kids with autism, that cannot be done. I actually HAVE to go out with them. This past Saturday was Dave’s first Saturday working in “tax season” Hunter who doesn’t like to go outside in the best of circumstances kept badgering me about going out and playing in the snow. I just repeatedly said “let’s see”. I had NO intention of bringing them outside. I even went so far as bringing Hunter and Hayley snow inside the house in Tupperware containers to play in at the kitchen table. Isn’t this fun I kept saying? You guys can play in the snow without having to go out in the cold wet snow! I was very proud of myself. Dave got home around 3:00 when all of a sudden Hayley runs to the laundry room saying “outside snow, coat on, boots on”. When she uses her words we are supposed to give her what she wants (within limits of course). Sooo Dave and I are forced to go outside with them. In my mind I thought they would be out for 10 minutes tops and then beg to come in. Oh no, we were out for almost two hours! Hunter nicely gathering large sticks and making a fort, Hayley requests the sled and proceeded numerous times sledding down the front hill, climbing the red maple tree and making snow angels. I had to go in and get her a change of gloves and hats 3 times. Here I am never intending to go out in the snow wearing capris, Craig’s big old work boots (no socks), a tee shirt, Villanova sweatshirt and a freakish knit hat that should have never gone in the dryer. Meanwhile as this is all going on Dave is collecting big sticks for Hunter and taking pictures. At last we go in, peel the clothes of Hunter and Hayley, their limbs are cold and red but both are smiling which is a rare treat. My heart melts and I think to myself, maybe the snow isn’t so bad after all……


One response to “Snow

  1. Geat story …… the capris and work boots….I can picture you …very funny !!

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