Autism and “Jersey Shore”

You ask, how possibly could Autism and Jersey Shore have anything in common?  Well generally speaking they don’t, but to me they do.  First let me tell you a little bit about our week, and only a little because I could write a whole book about our week.  It was a very tough week here, not the worst, not the best.  Frankly, even what we consider our best week is somone elses most horrible week.  Hunter wasn’t too bad, a bit mouthy yes, had Hayley in a headlock twice and complained about a dozen things.  His growling at me was at a low, as was his slamming of the doors.  Hayley on the other hand, well, was Hayley!  On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the best and 10 being the worst, her behavior was at around a 15 (remember this wasn’t the worst week).  I had daily struggles trying to get her medications down her, then having her get dressed and ready for school and onto the bus.  Yesterday Hayley came off the bus crying which led into the house and lasted on and off until we finally got her in bed at 7:30.  In between this behavior we had 2 big tantrums which contains dropping to the floor, rolling around, dumping toys and high pitched screaming.  She also got into her hysterical laughing state which includes running around wildly, dumping salt, spraying water etc. I could go on and on.  This is simply exhausting, upsetting and you start thinking you cannot go through this again tomorrow.  But of course we do go through it because there is no other choice.  So when living this type of life you need, or at least I do, a guilty pleasure.   Mine happens to be the tv show…………………… Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

Yes, that’s right, Jersey Shore and I freely admit I love the show.  Now I know there are alot of haters out there, but I think the reality is that some of those haters actually do watch and enjoy the show but won’t admit it.  Look at the ratings on this seasons opener, over 8,000,000 viewers – MTV’s highest ratings ever.  So please don’t tell me that some of these haters aren’t hooked either.  I had  never heard of the show two years ago.  It wasn’t until a Sunday afternoon in February 2010 I collapsed into a chair in the Great Room because Dave had taken Hunter and Hayley outside with him.  I always love these breaks!  I enjoy reading magazines while watching something on tv.  I turned on the tv and MTV was on, Craig must have been watching it the night before, and there before me was this show called “Jersey Shore”.   I kept it on only because it really didn’t matter to me what show was on, in fact many times I have the tv on and watch it on mute (weird I know, Craig just can’t wrap his head around this).  I started throwing my eye on it and really couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  At first I was horrified, this show is terrible, awful, how could these kids (well it turns out not really kids) do the things they were doing, say the things they were saying? When the show ended I sat speechless.  Then the next episode came on and I later realized that MTV was having a Jersey Shore marathon.  Well I watched the second, found myself laughing at a few parts, by the third episode I started to decide who I liked and didn’t like, and half way into the 4th episode I was HOOKED.  I wound up watching all of the first season, the second season that was filmed in Miami and now have just started excitedly watching the third season that is back at Seaside (yay).  Is it quality tv, absolutely not.  Do I agree with all the language and “smooshing” (my vocabulary has grown with this show), again no, but for me as bizarre as it is, the show takes me totally away  from my life’s circumstances.  That is it.  If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

Now, how does this have ANYTHING to do with Autism? I have always liked Enrique Iglesias. I have many of his songs on my iPod.  The second season Jersey Shore opener featured Enrique singing his new song “I Like It” with the Jersey Shore cast dancing in the video.  I instantly fell in love with that song.  Since then I had my son Kevin put the song on my Blackberry as it’s ring.  It makes me happy to hear “baby I like it, I like it”, much to the annoyance of other family members.  But I don’t care.  Ask Hunter, I have been singing this song for a MONTHS around the house and when my phone rings.  He always responds “baby I don’t like it, I don’t like it.  Anyway, last night during a brief 20 minutes period of calmness, Hayley was sitting at the kitchen table with me doing a puzzle.  She loves to sing, so she sang Old McDonald, Three Blind Mice and then to my amazement she started to sing “baby I like it, I like it, baby I like it, I like it” perfectly in tune!  Should I be upset that she picked this up? No. Hayley has no idea what Jersey Shore is or any tv show for that matter. Even though she is 9 she still watches Elmo, Winnie-the-Pooh,  Kids Songs, etc.  When she sang this it just brought a smile to my face and I had a small glimpse of a normal 9 yr. old girl singing a song that is played on the radio. So the next time your 9 yr. old is belting out Snoop Dog or Eminem, you know it really isn’t so bad, at least in my world.

Hunter and Hayley


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  1. Deb….I like it, like it …..great story !!!!

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