The Mystery of the Missing Bed Pillows

We LOVE pillows! In my mind each bed in the house has the appropriate number of pillows. Dave and I have a king sized bed, so I decided 8 pillows were the correct number. The first thing Dave and I do when we check into a hotel is see how many pillows there are then call housekeeping to have more brought up.  When my sister and brother-in-law used to babysit, the first thing they did was remove all but 2 pillows. It was just too overwhelming for them. They said they only sleep with 1 pillow each.  How can anyone sleep with just 1 pillow? Anyway, Hunter has a double bed – 2 pillows, Craig has a double bed and although I decided 2 pillows, he generally sleeps without them and sheets. Tracey’s old room has a queen bed – 4 pillows, Kevin’s old room has a king sized bed – 6 pillows, Hayley has a queen sized bed and she too has 2 pillows but chooses to sleep with her stuffed animals as pillows instead.

Hayley's bed


Going back two months ago I unlocked the green bedroom door (Tracey’s old room) and went in to get Hayley school clothes.  All of Hayley’s clothes are in that bedroom because she has an obsession with constantly changing her clothes and will literally stay up all night changing if the clothes were in her room.  I noticed one of the pillows was missing from the bed. Of course who did I immediately think took the pillow…..Craig.  He tends to take things that do not belong to him and bring them to his room.  I marched myself up there and demanded that he return the pillow to me immediately!  He said he didn’t know what I was talking about, he didn’t take any pillow. I still ranted and raved for a few minutes while my eyes travelled around his room. I didn’t see the pillow but there is so much “stuff” in his room it could have been anywhere. I walked through each bedroom not finding the missing pillow. I questioned Hunter, which was a mistake because then he got focused on the missing pillow and talked relentlessly on the subject.  I thought about it on and off for a few days perplexed where it went to. How can you lose a pillow?  The next time I went to Walmart I bought a new pillow and pillow case because that too was with the pillow. About two weeks later, I was putting Hayley’s laundry away and as I went to the closet to hang up clothes, I stopped in my tracks SHOCKED…..a pillow was missing. That is two pillows!  Iwent up to Craig’s room (he wasn’t home) and looked into and under everything, even in his bathroom.  No pillow.  I searched in Hunter’s, Hayley’s, even my room in case someone was playing a joke on me.  No pillow. This was absolutely crazy. In the back of my mind I was still blaming Craig. I eventually bought another pillow and had an extra pillow case left from the last pillow disappearance.  Several weeks went by and I went into room, to my utter amazement, a pillow was missing! I sat on the bed and thought…..this is crazy!…….how can this be?  I always joke that I am losing my mind, but for the first time I actually believed I had lost my mind. I didn’t even tell anyone this time that another pillow was missing, they would think I’m nuts.

Last Friday………After the kids got on their bus, I went upstairs to make the beds. My room first, Hunter’s next and Hayley’s last.  As I was stacking her stuffed animals, I happened to look across at her dresser. Now I know there is nothing in any of the drawers, but just peeking out of one of the drawers was a little piece of yellow cloth. I figured it was probably either doll clothes or one of the 10 blankets she has in her room (another obsession). I walked over and opened the drawer and to my surprise it was one of the missing pillow cases.

A missing pillow case

 I couldn’t believe it. I started opening all the drawers but nothing else was in them. I stood with my hands on my hips thinking if Hayley took the pillows where could they be.  Plus the fact, I doubted from the beginning she would have taken them because she doesn’t sleep with pillows and the door is always locked. All of a sudden I spotted the closet. I have not been in that closet for a long time because there are just a few miscellaneous items in there, part of a desk Katie used to have, a ratty american girl doll that was Tracey’s and Hayley hates, etc.   I figured I would peek in the closet not expecting to find anything.  But when I opened the door…………

The missing pillows!!!!!!!

Yup, the missing pillows. I was shocked, I never, ever thought to look in her closet because I knew nothing of interest was in there. I didn’t realize Hayley even went in the closet.  Boy, I will never underestimate her again, she is capable of anything. When she got home from school, after snack, I brought her upstairs to show her the pillows.  I said “Hayley did you put these pillows in here?”   Nothing.  “Hayley where did you get the pillows?” Nothing. “Hayley”…….she looked at me and said very loundly “KNOW WHAT?” which is her way of saying NO MORE TALKING !  She turned ran out of her room carrying a large polar bear, ran to the bathroom and threy the stuffed animal in the toilet and tried to flush.  Fortunatley it was too large to go down.  At that point I trudged down the hall, got the dripping wet polar bear into the tub and cleaned up the water.  Even though I found out the the whereabouts of the 3 missing pillows, I reallized I would never know the how or why. It is Hayley’s little secret.


4 responses to “The Mystery of the Missing Bed Pillows

  1. There may be a lot of other littlle surprises in there….too funny !!

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