Today I had to take Hunter to a few doctor’s appointments.  Because one was in the morning and the other in the afternoon, I kept him home from school.   Hunter enjoys the occasional “Mommy – Hunter Day”.  They are few and far between.  Between appointments, Hunter and I went to Bensi for lunch.

I like Bensi’s food, I don’t love it, like I love “Ninos on the River” in Clinton, but it is very good.  The reason I chose to take Hunter to Bensi is I knew he could get buttered pasta there (one of like 3 things Hunter eats). We arrived at the restaurant and was seated in a nice booth toward the back. 

Of course, no need for Hunter to look at the menu as we already knew what he wanted.  I on the other hand had to choose.  The server had put in front of me, the specials sheet, lunches of the day and the HUGE regular menu.  As Hunter sat across from me asking, “who would win the fight, Sponge Bob or Wubbzy, what about Star Trek vs. Lord of the Rings, Nova or Bernie……… his voice faded in the background I sat paralyzed looking at the unopened menu.  I knew all the delicious dishes that were in there, White Pizza with fresh mozzarella, garlic and olive oil, Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and roasted red pepper italian sandwich, Chicken Francese with artichoke hearts, Parppardelle with shrimp, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic sauce……………the list goes on.

Finally, I became aware of my surrounds again.  Hunter is now telling me about the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movie that we as a family watched last weekend and Hunter watched multiple times everyday since, mostly by rewinding and replaying all his favorite parts. Here is the dilemma about choosing, do I order whatever I want because it is a special day and worry about the diet later? The problem with this is my mindset later would be “I blew it anyway, what’s the harm? I will go back on tomorrow!  In my life, tomorrow will never come.  Do I order what I want and not eat dinner?  This doesn’t work because it is the first time Dave is home all week to eat dinner with us so I need to make dinner.  A shocking thing all of a sudden popped into my head!  I could always order one of the low-fat dishes on the menu. I started to laugh in my head because I thought, “this is ludicrous, I have NEVER ordered a low-fat dish EVER from a restaurant. It can’t be done, why would you even go out to eat if you had to order low-fat. NO, NO WAY, I WON”T DO IT!!!!   Finally I shook all the evil thoughts out of my head and came to my senses.  Whew, clarity came back.  I just found out I lost 18lbs total yesterday, this morning I walked on my treadmill for 40 minutes and then did 20 minutes of weights. Why in the world would I want to blow all that hard work for food that will be forgotten about an hour after eaten.

I immediately went to the low-fat section of the Menu and decided on, Grilled Chicken over a vegetable medley with a herb, lemon and garlic marinade.  Done!  When the server came for the order Hunter told her he wanted the “adult lunch size” spaghetti with butter and a milk.  As she turned to me, I sat up straight happy with my decision and ordered the grilled chicken over vegetables and a unsweetend iced tea. Wow I can’t even express how good I felt about that.

Hot crusty bread with a pillow soft inside came to our table with that yummy oil with spices for dipping.  I ate one piece while  Hunter polished off the rest of the loaf.  Then came the salad which I had vinaigrette on the side, never did that before either.  Our main dish came and I was pleasantly surprised, my dish consisted of, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots with nice crispy (no breading) grilled chicken on top. The marinade was wonderful.  It was delicious!!! I was so very happy I made this decision. In addition, I only ate half and had the other half packed to bring home which is now in the refrigerator.  Hunter enjoyed his spaghetti and the fact he had me cornered for an hour talking non-stop 🙂

We then continued on with our day and I felt so happy! In addition to losing weight and exercising, I accomplished another first,  ordering a healthy meal for the first time in my life and feeling really, really good about it. I didn’t over stuff, I felt very comfortable and satisfied for the rest of the day.  Tonight is “movie/pizza night”, I already made a salad and have decided to have a big salad and 1 piece of pizza.  Why would I want to blow all the good choices I made today.  I want to go to bed proud of myself and know I really CAN do this……


6 responses to “BENSI RESTAURANT and a first

  1. Yeah for you!! I’ll never forget a particular day when I was stressed out and my thought was, “I need to go to Healthquest”. I shocked myself. I had NEVER had such a thought!!!! In the past, stressed out was solved by at least chocolate!!

    I am having such difficulty lately with my weight. This journal is really inspiring me! Thanks….

    PS…I’m SOOO happy for you. Setting goals and working towards them is so rewarding…and is not just for kids setting homework & test goals!!! We need “gold stars” too.

  2. I agree with Mrs. Delgado! Gold Stars for adults too!

    I’m so proud of you mom!! you are the best and you can do it! I’m so happy how motivated you are 🙂

  3. Robert Shaffer

    Congradulations on your healthy decision I can’t believe how with everything you deal with on a daily basis you take time to commit to something so important to yourself. You and Dave are amazing people. I’m just honered and glad we can call you friends and probably future inlaws. I was checking out Bill’s blog to see if he had added anything. So I clicked on your Autism blog to see what it was. We just recieved another pack of cards for Hunter we will be sending them soon.

    • Thanks so much Bob for you kind reply. We are honored to know your family as well. We love Bill and you guys and look forward to the day we are indeed in-laws!

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