TAX SEASON: the good, the bad and the ugly

TAX SEASON………..the good:  it is our livelyhood………the bad: Dave having to work very long hours………..the ugly:  my attitude

It is March 1st and I am excited to say that “Tax Season” will be over next month! 

Tax Season puts food on the table, which is good (ok wonderful), the down side is the long hours Dave works, and tax season can bring out an extremely unpleasant attitude in me. You would think after all these years I would chin up and accept it……..I have this year.  Most years are a blur now, but the past 4 or 5 tax seasons have been emotionally and physically draining for a lot of reasons. Tax season tended to drag, I did nothing but cry and complain and be down right nasty. I would  snarl and say to Dave, “I HATE the DREADED tax season!!!!!!!!!!”  This of course wasn’t fair to him.  He not only was working like a dog, he was running a business, facilitating clients and employees, and then had to come home to the chaos that was here.

This year is different in the respect that although this tax season is emotionally and physically draining because of problems once again, I am handling it so much better.  Because of the counseling, medication and the determination to get healthy, I am seeing things in a new light.  Taking it one day at a time helps because it is what it is, like it always has been.  I am definitely concerned about how my attitude affects Dave, and so I have been so much more positive which makes him happy and less stressed.  Dave has been so great, he has been going into work extra early in the morning so he can come home and spend a little bit more time with me. This makes me happy and more positive.  I am NOT complaining like in previous years.  Dave knows first hand what goes on here so why do I have to beat the subject to death again when he gets home?  Dave deserves to come home and escape work not only in tax season but any time of the year.  I am trying to make this happen.  We enjoy having a glass of wine and sitting on our unfinished patio discussing OTHER things instead of problems each night. We are both taking it day by day together, we are supporting each other, and are starting to look at the positives and very slowly, starting to think, “maybe some of our hopes and dreams will come true”.

Oh, and did I say Tax Season will be over next month? 🙂

Me and Dave in Florida


4 responses to “TAX SEASON: the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Just one more month… can make it !

  2. That cartoon is hysterical

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