Weekly Gym and Weight Loss Update

Went to the gym yesterday and signed up for another 12 sessions with my trainer.  The first 12 were over on Tuesday and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do it again.  Left to my own devices I would fail miserably. I would never remember how to work the machines (or the dumbbells for that matter), how many repetitions to do and probably wouldn’t be able to start the treadmill :).  I have a hard time remembering the how and what when Jess trains me, on my own I would be a disaster. The first 12 sessions went by so fast and I really enjoyed it. Especially the progress I made.

After “challenging” me with harder routines, it was time for the weigh in and measurements.  They were taken the first day I started 6 weeks ago so I was really excited.  First I got weighed and lost 1.5 lbs.! Now I am down 27 lbs! Then came the measurements.

I lost:    Chest 1 in.,   Arm 1.5 in.,   Waist 2 in.,   Hips 2 in.,   Thigh 2 in.,  Calf 1/2 in.  A total of  9 inches!!!  I was soooo excited! The workouts definitely have paid off.  This has given me the determination to keep moving forward.  Dave is proud of me, he didn’t think I would follow through going to the gym as well as walking on the treadmill at home.  Previous times I always stopped but this time is different.

The dress I bought is hanging right in front of me when I open my closet door.  I am confident that I WILL be wearing it this summer.  Maybe even in Paris?…………………………………


2 responses to “Weekly Gym and Weight Loss Update

  1. Now that you are DEFINITELY COMING to Paris in July the dress (and many more like it!) is a must!!! You will do it! I know it!

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