Westie Wednesday!

I will be writing the weekly “Westie Wednesday” for Katie while she is on hiatus.  Katie is in the process of moving to Virginia to attend Law School in August and going to Paris to visit her boyfriend Bill for about 5 to 6 weeks.

We have the privilege to dogsit Katie’s dog Nova (for Villanova).  I just LOVE this dog!  She has already been here for 11 days and fits in nicely.  Ok, not only fit in, but has pretty much declared herself queen of the house. I must admit I do have a tendency to spoil Nova, as well as play fetch (she fetches not me!) as much as she wants.  Even though my arm may be tired from throwing, and I have many other things  to do, my heart melts at that adorable little face that is intently looking at me saying “please, just one more time”………..the thing is, it is never just one more time.

Nova is a very good dog.  Katie has a done a great job training her to listen and come when called.  I have had very little problems with her not listening (just once when she chased a chipmunk and when she chased a deer….but that’s for another blog). 

 Nova pretty much follows me wherever I go in the house.  This includes the bathroom which I have to shut the door and then listen to Nova’s high-pitched crying. She tends to get underfoot because she wants to walk so close to you.  This has resulted in me stepping on her paw twice (yelp! yelp!), tripping over her and once almost falling down the stairs because she insisted on walking in between my feet.

I am so enjoying having Nova visit.  We and to put our last dog Montana down last August so we have been without a pet since then.  Although I am not ready for another dog yet, Nova fills that need for me on a short-term basis.  I treat her like a grandchild by buying her extra special treats, toys and letting her sit in my lap for however long she wants, even if my leg is going to sleep!

Nova has had several adventures since she has been visiting, which I will be writing about each week. Each day is a journey with Nova, she is so inquisitive (even to a fault) and just a very, very, happy dog.  You never know what is going to transpire.

And yes, I let her sleep with me…sssshhh, don’t tell Dave, he is in Florida with Hunter and told me he definitely IS NOT letting the dog sleep in bed.  Well, we will see what happens when  he gets back, but for now I get to spoil Nova any way I want 🙂


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