Westie Wednesday – Nova Has a Spa Day

When Dave brought Nova home a few weeks ago, she was a bit scruffy, ok, ALOT scruffy! Stringy fur, fur covering her eyes and very long nails.  This IS who Nova is.  Katie keeps Nova very clean by giving her frequent baths and she does trim Nova’s nails.  The thing is, no matter how good Nova looks after Katie bathes her, within a few days she looks scruffy again.

Nova LOVES to dig! She always digs in the backyard in Florida, and because the soil is very sandy, Nova usually is sporting a dark sandy mustache and beard.  Nothing has changed since she has been in NJ.  The problem is, Nova is digging in my new gardens, digging some spots in the new grass and worst of all, Nova totally enjoys chasing chipmunks!  This results in her digging HUGE holes in the gardens trying to find them.  Let’s just say, this behavior certainly isn’t Dave’s favorite.  Unfortunately, we have a very large chipmunk population so there is always an opportunity for Nova to hunt chipmunks and find their homes.  All this foolishness results in Nova not only sporting a dirt mustache and beard, but also, filthy paws and belly.

Even though I know her digging isn’t going to subisde, I decided that Nova needed a “spa day”.  I called a mobile groomer and had her come to my house yesterday.  Nova willing (almost too much) went with the groomer while merrily wagging her tail.  She was bathed, nails trimmed, fur trimmed and just pampered in general.  The groomer brought her into the house where Nova happily pranced around so we could see how beautiful she looked.  She was wearing an adorabe pink bow in her fur between her ears, which she took out within the first 5 minutes.  The groomer said Nova was a very, very good dog and seemed to enjoy herself, which I am sure she did.  After the groomer left, Hunter and I kept telling Nova how beautiful she looked.  I was hoping in some way she would understand…….NO digging!

Well, my hopes were squashed.  When  Dave and I took Nova outside last night, low and behold, what was standing on the patio?  Yes, a chipmunk.  Nova took off like a bat out of hell.  The chipmunk gave her a run for her money and finally disappeared down its hole. Nova waisted no time digging like crazy in the mulch and the dirt, while Dave and I yelled at her to stop.  Who were we kidding, she wasn’t stopping for anything.  Dave had to go and pick her up and when he turned around, yup Nova had a face and paws covered in dirt.

Next week………..Musical Chairs


3 responses to “Westie Wednesday – Nova Has a Spa Day

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  3. Karen Delgado

    PM the name/number of the groomer. My husband has been attempting to do the grooming to save $$$!! He does a fairly good job…but I would love to have him watch a pro do it. Riley also likes to dig….and my sister’s house she was digging in the mulch and had the same prob. Her choice of creatures to chase are birds. She also likes smaller flying things like moths…and is quite good at killing any stickbugs. I need to bring her over for a playdate!

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