Westie Wednesday – Musical Chairs

I haven’t kept up with this blog for Katie for the last two weeks because I was getting ready for Paris and then was in Paris for a week.

Nova has now been staying with us for over 5 weeks!  It has gone by so fast and Katie will be picking her up in 3 weeks.  I am going to miss her.  I can’t help but spoil Nova, she is sooooooo cute.  I buy her toys now and then (yes Katie, the pile has grown, she even has a duck that quacks!)  I buy her special treats and Nova gets one every time she goes outside.  I was horrified to find out that while in Paris, Dave only remembered the first day to give her a treat and then she had none until I got home.  That is probably why Nova was kissing my feet as I walked in the door.  Now to Dave’s defense, I do not blame him for this misdeed.  He was working, taking care of Hunter and Hayley with Autism and keeping up with the house.

This dog has completely taken over.  Nova is the queen and we are her servants.  In the beginning Nova followed me EVERYWHERE.  Now that she has gotten comfortable (and I mean really comfortable), she doesn’t follow me as much.  I find her in various parts of the house just lounging around on all different chairs and sitting surfaces.

Everytime I turn around Nova is in a different chair!  She even goes and sits in rooms that we rarely use.  I call it musical chairs because I never know what chair she will be in.

Nova also loves it outside!  Our yard is large and she enjoys exploring and chasing birds and little critters.  When she gets tired though, she jumps into a chair to rest.  Nova doesn’t discriminate, any chair will do.

Nova is a very, very good dog.  She listens, rarely barks, is friendly and I have been giving her a bath weekly so she is nice and clean.  Nova can sit in any chair she wants, she is the queen of the castle and is at least using furniture that we haven’t been using in a long time!!


One response to “Westie Wednesday – Musical Chairs

  1. Karen Delgado

    Great pictures!!! I saw a white dog in a magazine, while JJ was over (he was cutting with scissors)…I said, “Look, this dog is like Riley (our dog).” His response, “No, that dog is like Katie’s dog. It is Nova!!!” He was right (of course), it was a Westie…NOT a floppy-earred Cockapoo!

    PS…I can only imagine what a great grandmom you will be! You think you are having fun buying little things now….just wait!!!!

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