Westie Wednesday! Nova’s pool experience…….

Ok, so I wasn’t here for Nova’s first pool experience but was filled in by 5 people as to what her experience was like.

Let me first say, Nova isn’t really opposed to water.  When Katie tells Nova she is going to take a bath, Nova jumps right into the tub to wait.  Her face shows she isn’t totally enthralled with the water, but the good dog she is, tolerates the bath patiently.

Nova loves the beach!  Not so much for the water but the sand.  She runs and digs, digs and runs and becomes totally covered in sand.  Nova will walk close to the water but not particularly in it.  Katie on the other hand will tell you that Nova LOVES!!! the ocean.  I don’t think love is quite the right word though.  I again would use the word tolerate.  Katie brings Nova in the water and lets the waves wash over her.  Drowned rat (sorry Nova) is what she looks like.  The funniest thing I ever saw was while at Florida last year, Katie had Nova on a boogy board!  Yes, Nova stood stoically on the board as Katie guided it over the waves.  I will say the dog has good balance.

Now to her pool experience.  Since Nova has been here she doesn’t really go too close to the pool.  Probably the pool looks like a giant bathtub that she really doesn’t want to partake in.  Every once in a while Hayley would pick up Nova and throw her, yes THROW Nova in the pool.  Fortunately it wasn’t too far in so little Nova would doggy paddle back.  While I was in Paris I was told of an “incident” that happened with Hayley and Nova.  Immediately I felt a little light-headed because I could just imagine what happened.  Well, I was told that one day while Hunter & Hayley were in the pool with our two babysitters, Hayley all of a sudden JUMPED out of the pool, grabbed Nova and threw her into the water.  Unfortunately for Nova, no one was close by so Hayley, who we really feel thinks Nova is a moving stuffed animal, decided to “dunk her”.  Not once, not twice but three times.  Chaos erupted as the babysitters and Hunter ran to Nova’s rescue.  They retrieved Nova, who at this point was too stunned to doggy paddle, and brought her out of the pool and dried her with a towel.  Meanwhile, Hayley was jumping and laughing for joy!  Nova on the other hand was shell-shocked.  I was told she wanted to go in the house in the worse way.  Dave came to her rescue and brought her in.  Nova hasn’t walked anywhere close to the pool since then.

Nova is a loving, trusting dog and for some reason even though Hayley also likes to pull Nova’s legs like you would a wishbone, the dog keeps going back for more 🙂


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