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Westie Wednesday! Nova and the School Bus

First let me say this is my last Westie Wednesday post.  Katie will be back from Paris next week and will be taking Nova to Virginia with her.  Katie will again resume writing Westie Wednesday.  I am REALLY going to miss Nova!  She has been so much fun and a lot of company.  Get ready Katie, I AM going to cry!!

Nova loves to ride in the car.  As soon as she hears keys, Nova is under my feet anxious to see if she is going bye-bye or not.  I have taken her to places that I don’t have to get out of the car, such as the bank and gas station.  Nova gets so excited looking out the window and the best thing is even though you can hear her crying with excitement, she doesn’t bark at anything or anyone.

Nova also rides in the car when I pick up Hunter from the bus.  As soon as she hears me say “let’s get Hunter” she is at the back door.  Nova jumps into the back seat and stands looking out the window.  Every once in a while she will spot the evil cat across the street and freak out.  I wish I could let her eat that cat! I calm her down though.  Hunter is always happy to see Nova and vice a versa. When we get back to the house Nova happily jumps out of the car and into the house.

Hayley’s bus comes up my driveway to pick her up in the morning and drop her off in the afternoon.  Nova has been POSSESSED to get out to that bus.  A few times when she squeezed past me and got into the garage I would yell “NOVA GET IN THE HOUSE!!”  Tail tucked between her legs she would comply. As I have written before, Hayley and Nova is a toxic combination.  Nova dearly loves Hayley even though she has been thrown, dunked, tail pulled, pet a little too hard, legs bent in the wrong direction, etc. I do believe Hayley loves Nova in her own distorted way.  I don’t want the two of them anywhere near the bus together because who knows what Hayley might drum up for Nova.

Yesterday. Hayley’s bus came  home a little early so I was rushing down the hall, tripping over Nova trying to get out the door and close it before Nova could get out.  I calmly walked to the bus as Hayley was coming down the stairs. She started walking towards the house and I said good-bye to the bus driver and started to walk away.  She called for me to come back.  As I went to the door I happened to glance at the window where Hayley’s seat is……..Nova!  There she was standing up on the seat looking out the window at me.  To say I was surprised is an understatement.  I guess I was mostly shocked! Nova must have gotten past me somehow when I was shutting the door and got on the bus.  The driver just smiled (she doesn’t speak much english) and frankly, I couldn’t believe she didn’t react in any way.  I started to laugh because Nova looked so funny looking out the bus window. When I got over the shock I said, “Nova get off the bus”.  She happily came off the bus and swaggered by me with her tail in the air and her ears perked up.

I swear Nova had a smug look on her face as she walked into the house………I LOVE that dog 🙂