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Leaving Florida……First Blog

We will be leaving Florida tomorrow for our home in New Jersey.  We are married 28  1/2 years, 6 children…..25, 23 (biological), 21, 19, 9 and 9 (adopted).  The roller coaster of life has been unbelieveable. There have been many ups and many, many downs, but in the end I believe the circumstances we have been through has shaped our family as a positive.  It has been a difficult ride these past 8 years, the youngest two who were adopted at 4 months old (two separate birth mothers) have been diagnosed with Autism. My son H has Aspergers which is a very high functioning form of Autism, my daughter H has full blown, severe Autism.  The road has been very, very rocky not only with Autism but with other issues with other children.  This past week has been challenging……daughter ‘H” hysterically laughing, wetting herself on purpose, breaking any glass she could find, severe tantrums, etc. etc., yet her beautiful smile shining through, the words she is discovering and the unconditional love she shows makes your heart melt. Our other “H” (our son) has a vocabulary that is on a level that none of us understands, yet is hysterical…….There is so much to say and I will try and write each day because even into the storm there is brightness…………………………