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Gym Update……Back on Track :)

I finally went back to the gym today.  The last time I was there was 3 weeks ago!  Hunter and Hayley were home for a week until their summer program started and I had no one to babysit.  Then I spent a week getting everything ready for my Paris trip and ultimately it was off to Paris!

Even though I wasn’t exercising as much, I was running around a lot.  While in Paris I enjoyed wonderful food each day, but there was a tremendous amount of walking so I felt I was walking off whatever I had indulged in.

Once I got home, I immediately started to watch what I was eating for the most part (yes I had a nice slice of Hunter’s birthday cake).  I knew I had to get back to the gym, but on Sunday I started thinking about all I needed to do and was leaning towards waiting another week.  Thanks to my trainer, she emailed me yesterday saying she set me up for an appointment  this morning at 9:30. I am glad she took the initiative.  I knew then that I needed to go or I risked not going back at all.

Glad I went, worked out on the machines for 30 minutes and felt good about it.  I am now looking forward to going again on Thursday.  I also wanted to get weighed today so I would keep myself accountable.  Guess what?  I didn’t gain any weight at all!!!!  I was so excited to actually see what I thought to be true. Now it is just picking up where I left off and am really looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey.

Now, what to do about Hayley’s birthday cake on Saturday…………………………..


30 lbs the Gym and the Doctors Appt :)

Yesterday morning I went to the gym.  Healthquest was having a “member appreciation day”.  All kinds of things were going on.  Upon entering the facility there was a “Jester” there to welcome me.  I personally dislike clowns (another blog), they are so evil and creepy.  The problem with Jesters, they too much resemble clowns, so I only was able to give him a brief glance and hurry away. A DJ was playing music, the place was decorated with colorful balloons, lots of free food and beverages plus free water was given to you before you started to exercise.

I entered the track area and was bombarded with crazy LOUD music and about 100 women doing zumba on the first floor.  It was interesting to watch as I walked around the track. I came to the conclusion that I really wouldn’t enjoy doing it.  I wound up walking 3 miles and then I was ready for the gym itself.

I met up with Jess and she had me work primarily upper body.  She is no longer lenient with me, pow!! she brought it on.  By the time I was done, I thought my arms were going to fall off.  This is okay though because my football player arms are shrinking to a normal size.

Next was the weigh in.  I was nervous.  I felt I did well with my eating and at home exercising, yet I kept thinking about the restaurant we went to with Linda and Rich Saturday before.  It was no holds barred, I had whatever I wanted including the chocolate giant brownie with whipped cream.  I will say though, I was too full and afterward as I lay like a beached whale in bed, wished I didn’t eat so much.

I got on the scale, closed my eyes and she said “look!!”, 3 lbs!! I am now officially down 30 lbs!!!, I never thought I could do it.   I am so happy and am definitely feeling and looking better.  Next, week I will post a picture.

I had a doctor’s appointment following the gym.  I need to get my blood pressure checked every few months. I have been on blood pressure medication for 14 years. Even on medication my pressure is on the high side.  The nurse took my pressure twice and both times it was 118/69.  I haven’t had a low blood pressure in years.  When the doctor came in and saw me he was shocked.  I was such a mess both physically and mentally the last time I saw him in November.  When I go in the nurse usually takes my pressure and I don’t see the doctor.  This time he wanted to see me.  He couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost and doing it on my own.  After speaking with me and reviewing my chart he decided to take me off one of the blood pressure medications.  I was thrilled.  I have to go back in 1 month to check but if the pressure is still low I can stay off it and possibly work coming off the other one.

I am proud of my self and energized.  There is no doubt I am going to do this because for the first time in my life, I WANT to do it for me.  I know I am down at least 2 sizes because the jeans I bought a few weeks ago are now too big.  I am glad I only bought 2 pair.  I look forward to the day I can go shopping for normal clothes.  I am going to Paris in July and will need new clothes.  So Dave, credit card here I come!!!!

Weekly Gym and Weight Loss Update

Went to the gym yesterday and signed up for another 12 sessions with my trainer.  The first 12 were over on Tuesday and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do it again.  Left to my own devices I would fail miserably. I would never remember how to work the machines (or the dumbbells for that matter), how many repetitions to do and probably wouldn’t be able to start the treadmill :).  I have a hard time remembering the how and what when Jess trains me, on my own I would be a disaster. The first 12 sessions went by so fast and I really enjoyed it. Especially the progress I made.

After “challenging” me with harder routines, it was time for the weigh in and measurements.  They were taken the first day I started 6 weeks ago so I was really excited.  First I got weighed and lost 1.5 lbs.! Now I am down 27 lbs! Then came the measurements.

I lost:    Chest 1 in.,   Arm 1.5 in.,   Waist 2 in.,   Hips 2 in.,   Thigh 2 in.,  Calf 1/2 in.  A total of  9 inches!!!  I was soooo excited! The workouts definitely have paid off.  This has given me the determination to keep moving forward.  Dave is proud of me, he didn’t think I would follow through going to the gym as well as walking on the treadmill at home.  Previous times I always stopped but this time is different.

The dress I bought is hanging right in front of me when I open my closet door.  I am confident that I WILL be wearing it this summer.  Maybe even in Paris?…………………………………


I did it.  A little irrational but I couldn’t help myself. 

 I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress, really, I can’t remember.  I used to love to wear dresses but as the weight grew and I tried to wear a size appropriate dress, I decided I looked more like a balloon. So at that point I started wearing stretchy waist band pants and shorts. This is a HUGE mistake,  they are so comfortable you think you aren’t gaining weight because the waistband expands naturally with your real waist. At the Gym today, my trainor Jess said “you are going to do sit ups today” I looked around to see if she was talking to someone else.  I don’t do sit ups I told her, I just am not that bendable.  She assured me that there was an easy way and she was right!  Jess brought over to me one of those big exercise balls, showed me how to sit on it and start leaning back while rolling forward.  Once my shoulders hit the ball I had to stop there.  Legs are out bended at the knees in front of me, hands behind my head…….and……crunch forward like the on the floor sit ups.  It was so easy and painless.  She had me do 3 sets of 12 and I really felt good. Jess told me there are many other exercises that can be done with the various size exercise balls.

Anyway, I was looking on Nordstrom.com and came across a summer dress which was so pretty.  I thought, forget it, will never happen.  But then I thought why not? An idea formed.  Why don’t I buy this dress in a size 12 (my goal, I am not going to be unrealistic and think I will ever be a size 4 which seems to be every woman dieter’s goal), and hang it on the door of my closet so I have to look at it every day.   What a motivator!  It just came today and it is even prettier than in the picture.  I put it on a hanger, ran up to my room, and hung it on my closet door where it is proudly displayed.

Hopefully I will be going to Paris in July to visit Bill and Katie and not be one of the many fat Americans.  I can be chic and thin like a French woman (maybe chic and thin is pushing it), or just plain healthy and in good shape.  I long to walk the streets of Paris in this dress, or tour le Louvre, or sit at a tiny cafe.  Maybe I just want to look and feel good for myself this summer.  I know I also want to look good for Dave too!  Which ever the case, I AM motivated to move forward on my road to healthier living.