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Gym Update……Back on Track :)

I finally went back to the gym today.  The last time I was there was 3 weeks ago!  Hunter and Hayley were home for a week until their summer program started and I had no one to babysit.  Then I spent a week getting everything ready for my Paris trip and ultimately it was off to Paris!

Even though I wasn’t exercising as much, I was running around a lot.  While in Paris I enjoyed wonderful food each day, but there was a tremendous amount of walking so I felt I was walking off whatever I had indulged in.

Once I got home, I immediately started to watch what I was eating for the most part (yes I had a nice slice of Hunter’s birthday cake).  I knew I had to get back to the gym, but on Sunday I started thinking about all I needed to do and was leaning towards waiting another week.  Thanks to my trainer, she emailed me yesterday saying she set me up for an appointment  this morning at 9:30. I am glad she took the initiative.  I knew then that I needed to go or I risked not going back at all.

Glad I went, worked out on the machines for 30 minutes and felt good about it.  I am now looking forward to going again on Thursday.  I also wanted to get weighed today so I would keep myself accountable.  Guess what?  I didn’t gain any weight at all!!!!  I was so excited to actually see what I thought to be true. Now it is just picking up where I left off and am really looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey.

Now, what to do about Hayley’s birthday cake on Saturday…………………………..



I did it.  A little irrational but I couldn’t help myself. 

 I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress, really, I can’t remember.  I used to love to wear dresses but as the weight grew and I tried to wear a size appropriate dress, I decided I looked more like a balloon. So at that point I started wearing stretchy waist band pants and shorts. This is a HUGE mistake,  they are so comfortable you think you aren’t gaining weight because the waistband expands naturally with your real waist. At the Gym today, my trainor Jess said “you are going to do sit ups today” I looked around to see if she was talking to someone else.  I don’t do sit ups I told her, I just am not that bendable.  She assured me that there was an easy way and she was right!  Jess brought over to me one of those big exercise balls, showed me how to sit on it and start leaning back while rolling forward.  Once my shoulders hit the ball I had to stop there.  Legs are out bended at the knees in front of me, hands behind my head…….and……crunch forward like the on the floor sit ups.  It was so easy and painless.  She had me do 3 sets of 12 and I really felt good. Jess told me there are many other exercises that can be done with the various size exercise balls.

Anyway, I was looking on Nordstrom.com and came across a summer dress which was so pretty.  I thought, forget it, will never happen.  But then I thought why not? An idea formed.  Why don’t I buy this dress in a size 12 (my goal, I am not going to be unrealistic and think I will ever be a size 4 which seems to be every woman dieter’s goal), and hang it on the door of my closet so I have to look at it every day.   What a motivator!  It just came today and it is even prettier than in the picture.  I put it on a hanger, ran up to my room, and hung it on my closet door where it is proudly displayed.

Hopefully I will be going to Paris in July to visit Bill and Katie and not be one of the many fat Americans.  I can be chic and thin like a French woman (maybe chic and thin is pushing it), or just plain healthy and in good shape.  I long to walk the streets of Paris in this dress, or tour le Louvre, or sit at a tiny cafe.  Maybe I just want to look and feel good for myself this summer.  I know I also want to look good for Dave too!  Which ever the case, I AM motivated to move forward on my road to healthier living.



Weight loss journey……..

Today I went to the gym for the second time this week.  I warmed up and then met with my trainer.  Jess wanted to weigh me before we started and for the first time in my life I was actually excited.  I felt that I had lost weight since last week, my jeans are loose in the butt and legs, plus the waistband isn’t rolled over this week.  Still a bit tight, but at least not rolled over 🙂   I am pretty sure one of my extra chins has gone missing too.  We went into the room, I got on the scale and…………. 6 lbs.!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it so I had her weigh me again, yes it was 6 lbs. I literally screamed!  Jess was so proud of me as I was of myself.  She asked what I did this past week and I told her that I had cut out all carbohydrates (my downfall), ate a lot more fruit and vegetables, and the days I didn’t get to the gym, I walked 50 minutes on my treadmill at home.  I just feel more energized and excited.  The heat and me do not mix, so my goal right now is to be able to wear a sundress this summer instead of the extra long, stretchy shorts and tent sized shirts.  As a matter of fact, a half hour ago I went online and ordered a sundress that I am going to hang on the door of my closet to also motivate me.  It isn’t easy. I am definitely a stress/emotion eater.  The last blog I said I wanted to do something for myself and I haven’t wavered.  We had a very serious issue this week that is far from over, but I made it my priority to get to the gym today.  First, it took my mind off our worry and in addition it further confirms that I need to get healthy (no one is sick).  Two shows that are an inspiration to me is “Biggest Losers Couples” and “Heavy”.  The people on these shows are amazing.  I don’t need to lose anywear as much as them, but to see how hard they work and the determination they show is wonderful.  They are honest with their struggles as well.

So as of today I am down a total of 18 pounds from when I started this weight loss journey back in January!

Getting to the gym


So the weight loss journey continues.  I have been REALLY good about what I put into my mouth.  First thing in the morning I have my cup of coffee so I can function. Plus NO talking from Hunter. He is an incessant talker which I can tolerate later in the morning but not when I first get up. I do not want to talk about Pikachu, Pokemon, penguins of Madagascar or have to answer questions about current events.  I will say he is doing pretty well now, he can somewhat comply. The only question he asked me this morning was “Why was Egypt’s President in power for 30 years when in our country our Presidents serve 4 years and possibly 8 years if re-elected?” I just said ask Daddy on the weekend……..   Once Hayley gets on the bus I have oatmeal with organic granola, delicious!  Dave has a client that sends us a box of organic goodies every Christmas. It could be jams, almond butter, raisins, granola, the list goes on and on, and it is all organic.   This couple is amazing! The husband is a Chiropractor that still practices at 85! People have told Dave that this man has unbelievably strong hands.  His wife, who is also in her 80’s, is such a delight to talk to.  I love talking to her when I call to thank them for the gift.  She answers the phone and says “hello, hello, hello, oh darling, it is so wonderful to speak with you again”,  I feel like I am in a 1940’s movie. I would just love to sit and have tea with her.  Back to eating 🙂 Lunch has been salad with tuna or chicken, Lean Cuisine, light soup etc.  Snacks are rice cakes with peanut butter, fruit, nuts or yogurt.  Dinner usually is salad, small piece of meat and vegetables.  Dave eats at work now during Tax Season so I eat early.

Anyway, since last week when I went to the gym to see the Personal Trainer, I have been walking on my treadmill at home.  I really know I am going to do it this time!!!!  Today I got ready and put on my black workout pants, black tee-shirt, socks and my brand new comfy sneakers. I started to drive to the gym, a drive that should take 8 minutes, but turned into 20…..  Like Katie, I cannot tolerate horrible drivers.  I will say 9 times out of 10 it is an out-of-state person.  A car from Vermont almost got crushed by a tractor-trailer.  If 2 lanes are merging to 1 and a tractor-trailer has the first third of his truck in the single lane. After going under the speed limit, DO NOT SPEED UP ALL OF A SUDDEN AND TRY TO PASS THE TRUCK! YOU WILL BE CRUSHED! 

I got to the gym and am in awe like always.  Such a beautiful facility. They have a big screen tv in the lobby with comfortable leather couches, a huge up to date childcare room, store/cafe with lots of yummy, healthy food. There are zumba classes going on as well as spinning, pilates, etc.  A special circuit exercise room, indoor/outdoor pool, huge workout gym with every machine imaginable. I go on a treadmill to warm up and start looking around.  It was crowded at the machine section, not too many people at the weight machines. There were all ages of men and women, some painfully thin, some painfully fat.  What really peaked my interest were the elderly people and how fabulous they looked. These people in their 70’s and 80’s put me to shame. Here I am on my treadmill walking a whopping 2.5 miles an hour, when two treadmills down there is a woman, who I later found out was 79, JOGGING! on the treadmill.  Plus she had a tight stomach and well molded arms.  Could this be me someday I thought?  Then I say to myself “okay Deb, you’re jumping the gun, just focus on today and make sure you are still breathing after the workout”.  I walked for 10 minutes and went to find my trainer.  Cute girl, probably upper thirties, blond hair, teeny, tiny body.  As a matter of fact she probably was as wide as one of my thighs, I felt gargantuan next to her.  We worked on my upper body and she guided me through all the machines and repetitions.  Then she wanted me to do the “PLANK”……this consisted of laying on your stomach on the floor, and  leaning on your elbows.  Number 1, my knees don’t bend well, and haven’t for a very long time.  It takes a great effort to get on the floor, arthritis will do that to you.  But I was going to be a sport and try it.  As I started to kneel, I toppled over to the right.  I admit, not very flattering. I proceeded to lay down resting on my elbows.  The trainer then, while leaning on her elbows, raised her body effortlessly, balancing on her toes, her back flat like a “plank” and proceeded to balance her body in this position for 1 minute.  Alls I could think was, how the heck am I going to get into a standing position again without totally embarrasing myself?  The trainer chipperly said “ok your turn Debbie, just balance as long as you can”.  As I lifted this heavy, unfit body, the tremors started, from head to toe.  I lasted 5 seconds.  She wanted me to do this 2 more times, in which I told her I couldn’t but she insisted I could.  I did try it 2 more times and by the second time I was able to balance for 10 seconds.  She suggested I do this at home several times a day….not happening…..

I scheduled my next appointment and went upstairs to walk on the track.  I do love walking there because it is nice and cool, plus very quiet.  Well, quiet until that annoying woman comes in and proceeds to talk very loudly on her cell phone.  Can anyone just leave the cell phone in the car?  Every store, restaurant, museum and now even the gym has people with their cell phone glued to their ear.  Honestly, give it a break!!!  As I was walking I took stock of the people walking and jogging, old, young, fit and unfit.  It was a good mix.  Then a woman walked in with a baby carriage. There are certain times set up when a mom can walk with her child in the carriage.  This woman looked very fit and trim! I heard her tell someone that her baby was 1 month old and she was walking off her pregnancy weight. Pregnancy weight!! Where was the additional 40 lbs on her body like I had after I gave birth.  Unfair I shouted in my head!!!  Well, like they say, life IS unfair and it is no ones fault but mine I am the way I am right now. 

I left the gym, came home and pretty much collapsed on a chair, the pain was already beginning to creep in.  I worked muscles that I didn’t know existed, and that is today, what about tomorrow?  I am willing to put up with the pain because I will do this! I will not fail this time.  I am finally ready! I will not compare myself to others because I am me, and I just want to get healthy and into the best shape that is right for my body………. 🙂

Looking forward to my next session this coming Thursday, but not “The Plank”.