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Gym Update……Back on Track :)

I finally went back to the gym today.  The last time I was there was 3 weeks ago!  Hunter and Hayley were home for a week until their summer program started and I had no one to babysit.  Then I spent a week getting everything ready for my Paris trip and ultimately it was off to Paris!

Even though I wasn’t exercising as much, I was running around a lot.  While in Paris I enjoyed wonderful food each day, but there was a tremendous amount of walking so I felt I was walking off whatever I had indulged in.

Once I got home, I immediately started to watch what I was eating for the most part (yes I had a nice slice of Hunter’s birthday cake).  I knew I had to get back to the gym, but on Sunday I started thinking about all I needed to do and was leaning towards waiting another week.  Thanks to my trainer, she emailed me yesterday saying she set me up for an appointment  this morning at 9:30. I am glad she took the initiative.  I knew then that I needed to go or I risked not going back at all.

Glad I went, worked out on the machines for 30 minutes and felt good about it.  I am now looking forward to going again on Thursday.  I also wanted to get weighed today so I would keep myself accountable.  Guess what?  I didn’t gain any weight at all!!!!  I was so excited to actually see what I thought to be true. Now it is just picking up where I left off and am really looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey.

Now, what to do about Hayley’s birthday cake on Saturday…………………………..


The Four Fs – Florida, Food, Fun and Fitness

View from 1st floor deck

View from 2nd floor deck, underneath Master Bedroom
View from my bedroom deck

Florida, Food, Fun and Fitness, the four things I encountered last week.  From April 19th to the morning (very, very early morning, I got up at 3:30 am to catch my flight) of April 23rd I was in Florida. It was a two-fold visit.  Visit Craig by day and Katie by night. We have a house on Amelia Island and I hadn’t been there since Christmas.  It was a really nice break for me, I had a great time.  When I first got there the afternoon of the 19th, I was greeted by my most favorite “white pets” in the world.  Little Nova was crying and jumping like crazy, while Bernie Mac kept rubbing around my legs.  Once I gave them kisses and hugs and got untangled from them, I brought my suitcase to my bedroom and immediately took my book, sat on the deck and while over looking the ocean, read.  It was quiet except for the waves hitting the shore, pure paradise.

Katie came home from work about an hour later, and of course I was happy to see her.  She got changed and we decided we were too tired for a walk.  I had asked Katie to keep me accountable as far as my exercise goes, but it had been a long day for both and decided to start the next day.  We relaxed and caught up on things.  We popped the cork on the wine and proceeded to have wine, cheese and crackers.  It is always great talking to her, we tend to talk over each other and often have to stop and say “you go”, ‘no, you go” 🙂  That night we looked at magazines, watched Biggest Loser Couples, Housewives of New York City and Bethany.  We pretty much talked through all the shows but we did throw our eye on the tv once in a while.

On Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, I went to visit Craig (he will be in Florida for a while) during the day.  Friday, Katie met Craig and I and we went to Craig’s favorite restaurant “The Olive Garden”

Wednesday afternoon was another reading time (I read The Pack by Jodi Picoult – excellent), I just love rocking in the rocking chair reading and looking at the ocean.  Nova loves it too, she always comes out and sits with me.  After Katie got home she said “that’s it, we are going for a walk”.  So we took Nova and we walked 2 miles on the beach, it felt good, plus the weather was gorgeous.  That night we ordered Chinese food from Lucky Wok for dinner.  We watched American Idol, Glee, Bethany and Harry Potter-Deadly Hollows while we ate and of course had wine.

Thursday went the same, after reading and then a 2 mile walk, Katie and I went to the Historic Town on the Island and we ate at an Italian Restaurant named Gennaros.  It was delicious!  Katie and I split fried calamari for appetizer and then we had salad with bread.  I had Lobster Ravioli which was wonderful and Katie had Maryland Crab Ravioli which was delicious as well.  Katie chose a nice Chianti to go with the meal. We were too stuffed for dessert.  We stopped at the Redbox and rented “Splice” it was about a scientist couple that used human DNA in their work of splicing animal genes.  Disturbing but good none the same.  After that we watched various tv shows.

Friday after Olive Garden, Katie, Nova and I once again took our 2 mile walk.  We rented two movies from Redbox for the night.  The first was “Rabbit Hole” which was about a couple and how they each differently handled the death of their child, Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart were in it – excellent.  The second movie was “Grown-ups”  which was about 5 childhood friends who won a basketball championship in 1978 and how they came together thirty-two years later and rented a lake house with their families and had a rematch with the losing team.  Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider starred.  It was pretty funny.  I wouldn’t buy it or go to the movies to see it but for $1.00, it was good.

The next morning I flew home to David and the kids but I really, really enjoyed myself.  It is great seeing Craig doing so well and of course visiting Katie which always involves laughing.  We are both ridiculous and found out we both park our cars the same way – angled to the left…………………………………


Day 2 of our DC trip comes and when we wake up, Hayley starts holding her ear and saying “ear, boo boo”.  Great!  I tried calling our doctor and begged him to call in a prescription to get us through this trip, but he said NO!  We got into the car and road around until we found a drug store and we wound up buying organic drops.  At this point I will try anything.  I gave Hayley Tylenol and then wrestled with her until she laid down in the back seat, got her in a head lock and put the ear drops in.

We decided (even though it is a Saturday ON a holiday weekend and against MY better judgement), to go to the zoo.  We wanted to see the Panda Bears and the Tigers.  There had to be a million people walking and driving everywhere.  It was so crowded that all the zoo parking lots were closed.  Dave would have parked a few miles away and walked but I put my foot down…..it was 82 degrees!

It is now 1:00 and we decide to drive to the Lincoln Memorial.  Again, thousands of people were on the road and every motorcycle known to mankind. We were in so much traffic that we decided to bag the Lincoln Memorial and go to Arlington National Cemetary.  Are we stupid or what?  Every veteran alive was there and we couldn’t even get near it.  We got stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours!

Ok, we bring the car back to the hotel and walk the few blocks to the Smithsonian area and the Mall.  Dave decides we will WALK from the Smithsonian to the Washington Monument on to the Lincoln Memorial.  Does anyone know how far this is?  I stood squinting my eyes trying to see the Lincoln Memorial and could only make out a hazy object that seemed to be a hundred miles away.  No problem says Dave, we will take our time. If you can imagine I had a very disgruntled attitude.

We started walking and the one really touching thing that happened was, Hayley saw the Carousel and started smiling saying “go to carousel, go to carousel” and started running towards it.  Let me just say that a few years ago when we would visit the Jacksonville Zoo, Hayley knew the path to the Carousel there and would scream and scream. So, this was a very big moment for her as well as us.

We were so very proud of her! We let her go on it two more times.  Hunter was on it as well, but he was really more concerned if he was going to get a souvenir that day or not.

We walked on, made it to the Washington Monument. For anyone who has never been there, there are NO trees or any type of shady spots.  Hunter, Hayley and I were dying of heat exhaustion and thirst, but Dave pushed us on, “it’s not much farther he said”.  Total lie.  Hunter is complaining, I am dragging Hayley and frankly, I didn’t really give a crap about seeing the Lincoln Memorial, I saw it a few times before.


Next we hit the World War II monument.  Flowers and flags were draped on the different states that soldiers were from.  I stood in front of the New Jersey plaque as my dad fought in World War II and although he is gone, I am very proud of him for his dedicated service to our country.

We continue on, at least there are trees now so the sun isn’t so oppressive.  Although I am not a fan of Canadian Geese, we did see a mom and dad with 4 little babies on the grass, they looked so cute.  Hayley got so excited, clapping her hands, Hunter not so much.  We found a vendor, got ice cream for the kids and water for Dave and I.  We collapsed in the grass underneath a tree, I was really afraid I would never get up. Dave still had his get up and go!  We eventually got to the Lincoln Memorial, 1 million people there, I walked up the stairs pulling Hayley behind me and found a pillar and sat down on the cold marble floor. I leaned back, Hayley laid flat down on the cool floor.  Still not caring to see Abe,  I told Dave go for it with Hunter!  Hunter got his second wind but not Hayley and I.  After what felt like a 4 hour walk, I glanced at Abe and told Dave, we are out of here.

The walk was a little better going back.  We walked past the Vietnam Memorial which is very touching.  All kinds of pictures, stuffed animals, notes etc. are placed under loved ones names.  There were veterans from all the wars there. There were several World War II veterans there.  I wanted to stop and shake there hand and tell them thank you in honor of my father, but I was too overcome by emotion.

We stopped at the American Museum and  I got to see the “ruby slippers” from the Wizard of Oz (my second favorite movie after Gone with the Wind), Archie Bunkers chair and Kermit the Frog. That’s it I said to Dave, a loooooooong day, I AM DONE.

After an EXHAUSTING day we FINALLY got back to the hotel and you know what we did?………………………………….Order Room Service!


Washington DC, our nation’s capital.  Millions of visitors flock to DC to tour the city and that is what Dave, me, Hunter and Hayley did May 27th thru June 1st, 2010.  We were excited, Hunter and Hayley were never there and the last time Dave and I were, was with the 4 older kids many years ago. Hunter was the most excited because he couldn’t wait to go see the Smithsonian Museums which he has talked about the last few years.

 It was Memorial Day weekend and we knew it would be crowded but didn’t anticipate the 500,000 motorcycles plus riders that would be there.  It was a nightmare.  At times streets were closed to let the bikes pass. And in addition, the weather was sunny, hot and humid in the mid 80’s, not conducive to the massive amount of walking Dave was expecting out of all of us.

Our drive down was uneventful until I realized I printed out incorrect directions to the hotel and we wound up in the WORST section of DC.  To say Dave was a bit annoyed is and understatement, plus Hunter and I were terrified!  Hunter kept asking “are we going to survive this terrible drive?” I tried to say in a positive way “of course, no worries” but he noticed my white knuckels grasping the dashboard and didn’t believe me for a minute. After back tracking, we finally made it to our hotel.  Whew, what a relief!

We stayed in the Grand Hyatt Hotel which was wonderful.  The location was within walking distance to the Smithsonian, Capitol building, Washington Monument etc.  Also, the Metro was under the hotel so this was very convenient as well. Once in our room we did one of Hayley’s all time favorite things……..order room service.  Don’t ask me why this thrills her but it does.  Hayley always orders mac and cheese with a coke. Whenever we stay in a hotel I get to sleep with Hayley and Dave with Hunter.  Hayley and Hunter DO NOT do well sharing anything together let alone a bed. Now let me just say that when you sleep with either of them you sleep with about 10 stuffed animals as well.  Yes, daddy lets them bring in the car whatever they want :).  By the time Hunter and Hayley are asleep, Dave and I find ourselves sleeping (or attempting to sleep) on the very edge of the bed and with no blankets. I spend a good hunk of each night rolling Hayley to the other side of the bed only to find her back again.

Day 1:  We went to the Museum of Natural History which Hunter LOVED.  We took lots of pictures and Hunter took video of the entire museum. Hayley did ok, it was very loud and overwhelming so I had to sit with her in quiet areas once in a while.  After the museum we went to the Botanical Gardens.  We had never been there before and I really liked it.  The kids on the other hand were bored AND wild. Hayley was in every water puddle, garden, water feature etc.  She was soaked from head to toe! I gave up trying to stop her. Hayley looked quite a mess and we did draw curious and sometimes nasty stares from people.  With living with Autism, Dave and I have grown thick skin and really don’t care what people think.  Oh, on occassion if I am in a pissed mood I will comment, “don’t judge until you live in our shoes”, “be happy your child doesn’t have Autism” or even one time “F off”, I will tell you I wasn’t proud of that moment. We finally got back to the hotel where the kids changed into bathing suits and we brought them to the pool. 

And what did we do again that evening? Order room service except this time Hayley ordered mac and cheese AND french fries………