Glitch in my Exercise Routine :(

I have been doing so well on my diet and exercise routine for the last few months, 32 lbs.!  Working out with my trainer 2 days a week and then another 3 or 4 days walking on my treadmill at home. 

 Well, today I had to go to the “foot” doctor, better known as the Podiatrist, and BAM a glitch. I have been having a lot of pain on the ball of my right foot.  Also, I have been experiencing terrible aching in my second and third toes.  I explained this to the doctor so he proceeded to examine my foot.  He pushed on the sore spot and I almost flew out of my chair.  He asked “Is this where it hurts?”  I wanted to say “no, I always scream in pain and jump in my chair when my foot is touched”.  I calmly said yes that is exactly where it hurts.  He proceeded to pull, bend and tug on my toes, as I sat there and stared at the wall willing this visit to be over.

I had an xray taken of my foot to rule out any type of fracture, and thankfully there was none.  Then he gave me an ultrasound of my foot to see if there were any tears in the joint, there were not.  He did tell me I have something called “capsulitis”.  This is the inflammation of any joint in the body, but most commonly the foot.  Mine is right under the second and third toe which is called the second metatarsal head (don’t ask).  He said the joint was very inflammed.  I asked him what causes this,  and he said it comes from excessive pressure on the forefoot.  Like Plumbers that squat and are on the balls of their feet alot, wearing very high heals for long periods of time, certain dancing etc.  I looked at him as if he got to be kidding.  I do none of those things. I live in flip flops, oh and I have to give them up for now too.  Anyway, who knows how it happened.

Now for the treatment.  The doctor said the best way to relieve the pain and help it heal is staying off your feet for a few weeks and taking anti-inflammatory pills. But he did say that is not practical.  So right now for me, he gave me metatarsal pads to keep on the inflammed area to take the pressure off the joint, prescribed me an anti-inflammatory drug to take twice a day, and said NO TREADMILL or excessive walking.  This is where the glitch comes in.  How am I going to do cardio at home if I can’t walk on the treadmill?  I will have to cut down on certain walking elements in the gym etc.  I feel like I am being sabotaged!  This can’t happen!  I have been doing so well I don’t want to get into a funk and backtrack, yet I don’t want to damage the joint any further.  I go back in 2 weeks and if it isn’t better then I need a cortisone shot (horrible, had them before in my knee), if that doesn’t work surgery!

I can’t let this get to me.  I don’t want to fail or get into the mindset of  “Oh well, pity me” and stop my progress.  Please, everyone reading this, think about me, pray for me, because this is going to be a difficult two weeks.  I can’t fail now…….


3 responses to “Glitch in my Exercise Routine :(

  1. You wont fail!!! start doing yoga (especially the floor postures) get your butt in the pool EVEN IF ITS NOT 85 DEGREES!


  2. use the Elliptical trainer at your gym, that will really get your heart rate up and burn that nasty fat!! it will not put pressure on your feet or knees.

  3. Robert Shaffer

    Pain in your feet and legs of any type is terrible. I’ve been dealing with it for years and unfortunately I will have to deal with it the rest of my life. So I can feel your pain and I’m sorry to here about your problem. Good people like you and Dave shouldn’t have things like this happen to you. Just a couple of ideas though. As you know I can’t run period so I had to adapt because I love to exercise. Can you ride an exercise bike? There is also an exercise that I do lay flat on your back, keep your legs together, keep them as straight as you can and lift them 6 inches off the floor, then spread them apart, then bring them back together and back on the floor. When you first lift your legs together count to ten the same when you spread them apart and bring them back together before going back to the floor. This strengthens your lower back, stomach, and all of your leg muscles and will really get your heart pumping. Do this exercise in sets of 5. I hope your feet get better soon.

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